Choose your options wisely. This is your moment
to shine, to create a masterpiece!

Book Size

Select the perfect size for your book, tailoring it to your preferences and
ensuring it fits your unique vision and content just the way you want it.
Authory small square book sizes, 200mm x 200mm

20cm Square

200mm x 200mm

Authory A4 portrait book example

A4 Portrait

210mm x 297mm

Authory A4 landscape book example

A4 Landscape

297mm x 210mm

Authory A5 portrait book example

A5 Portrait

148mm x 210mm

Authory A5 landscape book example

A5 Landscape

210mm x 148mm

Authory 24 page minimum roundal

Please note
a minimum of
24 pages is required
for hardbacks.


Authory Spiral Binding Roundel


Coil bindig perfect for those moments when
you want to casually browse through
cherished photos or desire a somewhat more
relaxed appearance for your photo book.

Authory hardback binding roundel


The hardcover book with a sturdy glue
binding is an ideal choice for creating
a robust and highly enduring
photo book.

Authory hardback glued binding roundel


The softcover photo book stands out as an
robust, lightweight, and flexible option.
This makes it an excellent choice when
creating multiple books to give as gifts.

Authory saddle stitch binding roundel

Saddle Stitch

Achieve a sleek and polished
appearance with saddle-stitched
binding. An excellent choice for your
photo book if you plan to use it
frequently, like a magazine.


Authory paper option type roundel

Inner pages are printed on high quality
170 GSM paper to make your photos really
pop without making your book too thick.
However, we are actively exploring
additional choices for the near future!