About Us
We're a small yet incredibly friendly team located along
the picturesque South Coast of England
Authory Founder showing a book of his mother

It all started when...

The initial idea for Authory was in 2012 where Nick, the founder, wanted to write a biography of his Mother, because his first child was born just before she died, and he wanted some kind of record of her life. Whilst writing the book, it occurred to him that there were several friends of his Mum that could contribute to the story, so when the initial draft was complete, he visited several of her friends who would offer their own memories and photos. Nick included these perspectives by hand, chapter by chapter, interleaving each comment or photo in-line with each paragraph.

At the end of this process, he printed copies of the book and gave one to each of the contributors who were delighted – and this is where the idea of taking all the hard work out of the process of managing multi-contributors was born!

What makes Authory different?

Simply – relieving the Author of the effort to chase, edit, and collate input from a multitude of friends and family.

Seeing photos you’ve never seen before. 

Reading insights or stories you’ve never heard.

This “mash-up” of input often floors the lucky recipient, and we’ve heard the line

Oh my god, this is just so brilliant” a lot of times!

Authory handles the invitations, reminders, formatting, continuity and interleaving of people’s content 
and makes it easy for everyone. Especially you, the Author.

Authory resting sleeping man with computer 3D render

Don’t be a hero

Once invited to participate, each contributor can add their photos and text to the pages the Author gives them. This saves a lot of your time.

Authory Team Discussion 3D render


Contributors can view and comment on
content, add insights and suggestions,
related content and photos – you can
even watch other people adding words
and photos to your book in real-time,
which is magical!

Authory computer 3D render

Author dashboard

The book creator can see it all, including
notes the status of all the contributors,
and comments from trusted reviewers.
The author has ultimate
editorial authority.

Authory Nudgebot 3D render


Automated (and extremely polite)
reminders to add or sign off on content,
saving you countless emails and
crossing people off your birthday list.

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Fast delivery

Our efficient printing operation ensures
that your order is ready within a mere
2 business days. After that, we take an
additional 3 business days to carefully
ship it right to your doorstep.

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Made in the UK

Our books are exclusively printed in the
UK, while our network of print partners
extends its reach to facilities across
the globe, ensuring a truly
international presence.