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6-Nov 2023                                                                         

The big idea!

Getting your head around the idea that you can ask people to help you make the ideal present isn’t that easy, simply because most services that offer photo-books expect you to do all the work yourself!  The book in the photo took 3 months to write the biography itself then another two months to read the story back to the 5 other contributors, and manually add in their comments. A significant piece of work, so Authory aims to help by inviting and managing all the contributor input, so you can sit back and watch it happen! 

Authory Founder showing a book of his mother

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Go us!

We’re pleased to say that we’ve been awarded a research and development grant from the UK shared prosperity fund. It seems the judging panel agreed that what we’re doing is

Image upload for mobiles

As the majority of people have their favourite photos on their phone, we’re pleased to announce you can now upload photos from your phone into your image library. Within the

Authory A4 landscape example book - Mum and Dad Forty Years Together

We’re close to beta test launch

Now we have the multi-contributor functionality of our book software tested and proven (and the new website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, etc etc) we are focussing on the practicalities of

Authory happy customer, a girl holding a book for Brooke that she received as a present

Launch of Authory

The initial version of Authory allows you to create various sizes and formats of book, plus invite friends to contribute. This seems to work well; the highest number of contributors

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