Authory happy customer, a girl holding a book for Brooke that she received as a present

Launch of Authory

The initial version of Authory allows you to create various sizes and formats of book, plus invite friends to contribute. This seems to work well; the highest number of contributors into a book we have seen to date is 37!  Everyone seems more than happy with the results! Things we have planned..

  • Dynamic pricing – at the moment we just charge a flat fee of £29.95 per book no matter how many pages; this is based on a 24 page glossy colour photo-book, so effectively, extra pages are free!
  • Improved graphics within the book editor itself – we still think the pages should look more like pages than “containers  on a screen.
  • Better mobile device support; many people do everything on their phones and we need to work out a way where people can contribute to books whilst on the move.
  • Better templates – at the moment we really only have cover designs, but given the “multi-contributor” functionality, we’d like to showcase what’s possible with the book editing software.

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