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Make a uniquely personal photo-book present with the help of your friends!
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Imagine a wedding photo-book made by all the guests!
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A family history book, lovingly created by all of the members of the family no matter the age
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Your search for the most original present ends here!
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Create a photo birthday anniversary wedding memory year travel book in 4 easy steps

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Choose a template

Get creating faster with one of
our many pre-made starter
books which you can

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Invite contributors

Send your books link to friends and family so that they can add their own content.
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Collaborate & design

Relax and watch your contributors add their words and photos.
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Print and enjoy!

When everyone’s done – just hit the ‘Publish’ button and you’re done!
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Books. Together.

There’s nothing like immortalising a memory – but after years of making my own books I realised that they were all missing a key ingredient: everyone else!

Say hello to Authory, where the coming together of friends and family can spark ideas, memories and fun for a printed book like no other.

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Nick HarfordAuthory Founder

Let’s get started!

Whatever kind of book you want to create, we have the perfect match

Choose from a range of sizes and options.

Authory small square book example - A day in our life

20cm Small Square

Authory A4 book example - Super Gorgeous You

A4 Portrait

Authory A5 book example - Happy Retirement Anne

A5 Portrait

Authory book example - happy anniversary Mum and Dad

A4 Landscape

Authory A5 book example - A year in your garden

A5 Landscape


At the moment, Authory offers just a single paper option for your photo book, which is 170gsm glossy. However, we are actively exploring additional choices for the near future.


The selection of binding is a critical factor in shaping the look and functionality of your printed photo book. We provide options such as perfect, spiral binding, and stapled binding.


Craft your cover with unique choices, creative options and imaginative ideas. Click on the link to discover more about our range of stylish cover options. We’ve got you covered.

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